Prodigies Academy

"premium educational resources for the exceptional child"

Prodigies Private Academy offers a customized educational experience to optimize your child's learning.  

Students attending Prodigies Private Academy will be immersed in a  personalized learning program customized to their specific needs and attitudes. Students participate in daily enrichment activities using a variety of manipulatives and real-life items and experiences to ensure the highest level of skill development and knowledge acquisition. Private and semi-private lessons in dance, music and art ensure students are physically and academically prepared for a creative and successful life.

This full time program offers everything your child needs to grow and learn at his own pace in an environment where he can be comfortable and safe, both emotionally and physically. Fewer classmates making noises, plenty of time to complete work, no busy hallways or bullies, interested adults to guide and encourage, no stress, no homework, no negative peer pressure, all add up to a really great school experience.