Syncing Content with your LMS

If your students use their LMS as their primary source of assignments, or tasks to do, you'll want to sync Prodigies Academy readings your students are assigned to with your LMS.

This way, students are able to see not only their assignments they need to complete, but also the readings they need to read, videos they need to watch, and so on.

This documentation only applies to sections, not assignments.

Sections refer to content the student consumes, like videos or readings. To learn how to sync assignments with your LMS, check out our teacher tutorial video series.

Syncing Content with your LMS

We'll start at your Course Outline view. To sync content with your LMS, follow the steps below:

Hover over the content you want to sync, and then click on the three dots to the right of the enable button.

Hover over the Sync with... option, and then select the class you'd like to sync your content with.

And that's it! Once your content is synced, you'll see a blue sync icon appear to the left of the enable switch.

As you continue to make changes to this content, like scheduling it or enabling it for certain students, those changes will be reflected in your LMS.

Disabled content appears as a draft assignment in your LMS.

Once you enable the content, or enable it for certain students, it will appear as a regular assignment your students will be able to see.

It's also important to know a few other friendly defaults we provide when syncing content with your LMS:

  • The total points value of the created assignment is set to 1, and the assignment is marked as gradeable. If you aren't taking a participation grade for the assignment, you'll have to mark it as not gradeable inside your LMS.

Copying a Link to Content

What if you simply want to share content with students, but you don't want it to show up inside your LMS as a grade? We support that too! To get started, we'll head back to the Course Outline view.

Hover over the content you want to copy a link to, and then click on the three dots to the right of the enable button.

Click on the Copy Link option.

A link to the content will be copied to your clipboard, and you can paste this link into your LMS to share it with students.